Träffa Michael O´Dwyer Goldsmith

Vi tycker att smycken borde göra mer än bara passa dig. Det bör även spegla din personliget.

As a child growing up in Ireland I was very close to nature.
I would love when summer came around and I got to watch the bees buzzing amongst the intense colours of the flowers.

From these beginnings it’s easy to understand that extra fine colours are standard in our work. From Diamonds and Indigolite Tourmaline to Tsavorite Garnets and Sapphires, with everything in between, our favourite part of our job is being astonished.
In the early days of my learning, an experienced gemmologist told me that the stones should do more then just look pretty; they should talk to you.
Our stones talk, dance and sparkle.

Welcome to our workshop and be prepared to be astonished.

Oroa er inte, vi pratar svenska och vi kan också tillverka ringar enligt era önskemål.

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